Vendor Highlight: Natural Kitchen Delight Chocolates!

The Naked Truth of NKD. 

We at NKD celebrate sustainable living and a healthier lifestyle. This also means a healthier planet.

Our chocolate is made with 100% organic ingredients. That means minimal or natural alternative pesticides and fertilizers are used in the farming of the cacao we use.

We also believe in minimizing our footprint by sourcing local ingredients. Although we, unfortunately, cannot grow the cacao trees here, we can in the very least source our sweeteners from local providers of Raw Honey and Maple Syrup! We are proud to be one of the only chocolates commercially available that are made with all Canadian maple syrup! This means less travel and fuel consumption in bringing us not only our sweeteners, but also our dried fruit selections as well.

All our products are created with a biodegradable material, from any cellophane plastic wrap to the post-consumer waste paper we print on. Instead of presenting our bars in a large flat format as a standard chocolate bar, we opted for a smaller more compact variation. Same amount of product, but less to wrap and waste.

We strive to provide you a guilt-free treat you truly can feel good about!

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