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Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scape Butter

What are garlic scapes? Garlic scapes are the long, curly shoots that emerge from the…

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Food Waste Partners

With a mission to positively impact our world one bite at a time, exploring ways…

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Spring Recipes

Summer Meal Prep

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer! Life can get busy, so we wanted…

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Summer Snacks

Summer Staff Picks

Summer is in the air! Whether you are trying to summit your local mountain or…

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Herb Butter

Honey Thyme Butter

Make a gourmet appetizer with just a few simple ingredients. A great way to use…

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3 Delicious Ways To Cook Rhubarb

5 Unique Rhubarb Recipes – Other than a Pie

Spring is here, which means it's rhubarb season! Usually, when you buy rhubarb you are…

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Asparagus Stem Recipe

Asparagus Stem Pesto

It's Spring which means it's Asparagus season. If you are always throwing out your asparagus…

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10 Beginner Gardening Tips

West Coast Seeds was founded in Vancouver and provides high-quality organic seeds. Starting a garden…

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Are there bugs in my produce? Learning about Aphids in Spring

What are aphids? Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that feed on the sap of plants.…

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Feel safe about your snacks

Common ingredients hiding in children’s snack food you won’t find at Spud As parents, we…

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Gmo's At Spud

GMOs – Are they really that bad?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have been a topic of controversy for many years. So…

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Heart Healthy Fats Vs. Trans Fats

Heart-Healthy Fats vs. Trans Fats

Not all fats are created equal  For years, we've been told that most dietary fats…

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Sustainable Meat

Can you can eat meat sustainably?

Statistically speaking, we are all aware that eating meat has a larger impact on our…

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Natural Cleaning Products

3 Common Toxins Found in Conventional Cleaning Products

At Spud, not only do we care about what you eat, but also the products…

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Lamb Kebabs

Team Recipes – Kulvir’s Lamb Kebabs

Meet Kulvir, our People Team Generalist at Spud! She shares her delicious recipe for lamb…

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Meet Margaret – Founder of Nuts for Cheese

Describe your business and what drove you to start it.  I started Nuts For Cheese™…

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Meet Jade – Founder of Yoggu

Describe your business and how it started. Yoggu! is a local plant-based yogurt manufacturing company…

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Spud Grocery Delivery

International Women’s Day at Spud

In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to feature some of the amazing women…

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Meet Laura – Avafina

Get to Know Our Female Vendors!  "At Avafina Organics making delicious, organic plant-based foods that…

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Spud Grocery Delivery

Fresh Look, Same Trusted Service

Same Sustainable Values, Brand New Look:  In 1997 we started as a local CSA delivery…

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