Sustainability Challenge – Cultivating Healthy Communities

As a Certified B Corp, we are committed to strengthening the communities we work in. We are challenging you to try little things to make your community a better place every day!

 How You Can Get Involved in Your Community:

Spud community outreach

Did a good deed for a neighbor – helping your community can be easier than you think. In fact, it can be right in your backyard!

Supported a B Corp – You can check this one off just by shopping at Spud! Check out more of our certified B-Corp partners.

Share your favourite local charity on social media – An easy way to spread the word. Better yet, start a social media fundraiser!

Donate Food to a Local Charity – Get to know your local food bank!

Volunteer – Check out the volunteer opportunities in your area here: Volunteer Alberta, Volunteer BC

Community Outreach at Spud:

From donating our excess food that cannot be sold to fundraising for local charities, we are committed to strengthening the communities we work in! Check out the charities we support in our local communities.

Our Sustainability Pillars:

To guide our sustainability strategy, we focus on five areas that we believe will have the largest impact on creating a better future for the next generation. We hope that you will join us on our journey and be part of the solution.

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