Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials

When we think of waste, many of us immediately go to the garbage, recycling, food, or plastic straws. But there are many simple swaps we can make in other areas of our household that can drastically reduce our waste with minimal effort! Check out our favourite zero-waste bathroom essentials below.

Did you know over our lifetime each of us creates 512 kgs of bathroom waste on average?

Ways to Reduce your Waste in the Bathroom:

zero-waste bathroom essentials

Zero-waste Bathroom Essentials:

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: Skip the plastic bottles and switch to shampoo and conditioner bars. These also save a ton of money and give the same results as liquid shampoo. Best part? They are great for traveling!

Metal Razors: these are a great alternative to traditional plastic razors!

Recycled Toilet Paper: you can get toilet paper made out of bamboo and sugar cane pulp as a sustainable alternative. We love these ones from Vancouver-Based company Caboo.

Menstrual Cups: This is a simple way to reduce waste every month! The cost of one menstrual cup is about the same as 2-3 boxes of traditional plastic/paper menstrual products! Can you imagine how much you could save over a lifetime?

Bamboo Brushes: Bamboo brushes can be recycled after use instead of throwing plastic in the landfill.

DIY Cleaning Solutions: Save money, food waste, and plastic bottles! Try this simple 2-ingredient cleaner out of just vinegar and citrus peels. It’s great for wiping down surfaces, or even your exercise mat!

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