Sustainability Challenge – Buying with Purpose

All of our products are sourced with people and the planet in mind. From our produce philosophy to sustainable seafood and our commitment to clean ingredients, you will find goodness in every corner of Spud’s offering. The people behind the brands we work with care about where your food comes from. We challenge you to buy with purpose when doing your shopping with the challenge below!

Sustainability Challenge – Buying with Purpose

Our purchasing values sustainability bingo

Buy local, fair-trade, Ocean-wise, organic – You can easily filter for these products when shopping on Spud!

Share your favourite local brand on social media – Spread the word! This is an easy (and free) way to support local businesses!

Read our banned ingredient list – Increase your food-label literacy, and learn what to look for in other products.

Support a new small business – A simple way to support your community and local economy!

Make a plant-based swap – A great way to support the environment while cooking!

Choose a random item from your pantry, look into the brand’s sustainability and farming practices – Did you learn anything new?

Our Purchasing Values – Buying with Purpose at Spud:

Our Produce Philosophy: we have a rigorous decision-making process to help us determine which produce to stock on Spud, to ensure we have the highest-quality and sustainably grown produce for you and your family.

Ocean-Wise Certified Seafood: This label on many of our seafood products ensures the fish are sustainability sourced, ensuring future fish stocks, ocean health, and safe conditions for workers.

Banned Ingredients List: We have created a list of over 1,000 ingredients that won’t make it onto our shelves. They are ingredients that either isn’t ethical or good for us and have no place in your food. Read the entire list here.

Fair-trade: Partnering with small-scale farmers and workers, Fair Trade paves the way for sustainable trade and lasting impact. Over 500 of our products are verified for fair or direct trade practices. Shop our Fair Trade products.

Our Sustainability Pillars:

To guide our sustainability strategy, we focus on five areas that we believe will have the most significant impact on creating a better future for the next generation. We hope you will join us on our journey and be part of the solution.

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