Sustainability Challenge – Closing the loop

 We are on a journey to zero waste, but we need your help to get us there.

How you can Reduce Waste at Home

Spud sustainability pillars - closing the loop

Used & Returned a Spud bin – It’s that easy! Did you know each Spud bin saves 3 plastic bags from landfill?

Returned through our takeback program we take back all soft plastics from BeFresh and Nature’s Path products. Just place them in your Spud bin before your next order or bin pick up and we will recycle them or re-use them.

Re-purposed an Old Container or Jar – Re-use before you recycle! Try using old cans and jars to hold office supplies, pantry goods, bathroom supplies or crafts.

Bring reusable containers for take-out – Save $0.25 and the environment by bringing your own mug to your favourite coffee shop.

Swap plastic for re-usable – Every little change counts! Try bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wrap, or re-usable containers.

Try a zero-waste beauty product – cosmetics are an easy area to reduce our waste. Try our plastic-free favourites!

Read our 2021 sustainability report

Make a suggestion – We are always looking to improve. Let us know how we can improve on our waste.

Our Sustainability Pillars:

To guide our sustainability strategy, we focus on five areas that we believe will have the most significant impact on creating a better future for the next generation. We hope you will join us on our journey and be part of the solution.

Closing the Loop at Spud:

Bins – By washing and re-using bins, we are able to save approximately 1,4 million plastic bags from landfill

Cardboard Shredder – In Edmonton we use a cardboard shredder, where we can shred and re-use cardboard as packing paper to protect produce when shipping orders.

Soft Plastics – We take back packaging from BeFresh and Nature’s Path products to properly recycle these through TerraCycle.

Freezer Jackets & Gel Packs – We take these back, wash them, and re-use them many times in future orders.

Re-usable Jars – You can return jars from Avalon milk, Ernest Ice Cream, JamJar, and Jaar, these get cleaned and re-used by our vendors.

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