NO CUP, NO DRINK. A rule from our Ambassador Genieve Burley.

Meet the lovely Dr. Genieve Burley. Spud ambassador, Chiropractor, yogi, speaker and foodie. Genieve has committed herself to being an even better person in the bright New Year and over the course of the next weeks, she’ll be sharing her resolutions with us.

We love her first one as it is very much aligned with our #letsnotwaste campaign and a few of us here at Spud have decided to follow suit:



This is a big one for me. In 2015 I became quite obsessed with how much waste is produced by disposable coffee cups and water bottles, not to mention all the other disposable items we use with abandon. The peak of my frustration came at Christmas time when certain companies actually market the use of the disposable “red” cup as something to be desired! When you become aware of how reckless it is for our environment to use something just one time, you see it everywhere. If I used a disposable cup in public it would feel the same to me as smoking a cigarette in front of my chiropractic office. We condone the use of one use items by thinking that they are recycled, but the truth is most of it goes in the same bins as garbage, and IF they are recycled it’s only the cup portion, as the lid is often a number not recyclable in Canada. For me 2016 brings in a new rule, NO CUP, NO DRINK. For me to consume tea, coffee or water and take it away it needs to be in a cup that I can take home, wash and reuse. It takes a bit more thought every day I leave the house, but now I have a reusable mug at home, and at my office. And my water bottle comes with me everywhere.

I wish you all the best for a healthy, vibrant 2016.




GenievejpgDr. Genieve Burley is a Vancouver-based chiropractor, yoga instructor and speaker. Her chiropractic practice is located in Yaletown. Genieve hosts retreats and teacher trainings for yoga internationally. You can learn more about her at

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