LOCO BC Partnership


Spud is proud to announce our partnership with the BC Buy Local Campaign for 2015/2016. This campaign’s goal is to highlight the local BC market, creating awareness of BC-based products, businesses, food and wines. LOCO BC was established to introduce consumers to the great companies that the BC economy has to offer.

Why local?

Several reasons champion why local is simply better for our economy: reduced ecological footprint, offers jobs & wages to BC citizens, tax contribution for city infrastructure, and local purchasing.

Local businesses have reduced transportation impacts, as they work and deliver their products in the same region. At Spud we note the distance each of our products has to travel to our warehouse, and are selective about the items we choose to supply. We prioritize supporting local vendors.

At Spud we employ over 400 BC and Albertan residents directly. Add in our vendors, and we indirectly supply many more residents with stable employment.

Lastly, because our offices are in BC and Alberta, we pay taxes into our local governments, as do the vendors we support. Our tax money goes directly into local infrastructure, essential services, and community amenities.

We’re very proud to be a local company, that supports local vendors, and we want to thank our customers for allowing us to do this!

“LOCO is a growing alliance of local companies working to strengthen our communities, grow the local economy, and build strong, sustainable businesses” – LOCO BC

Here is an interactive map of LOCO BC members in the lower mainland- check out all our Be Fresh Cafe locations, and spud.ca to read more about our local vendors!

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