Staff Testimonial: How are we reducing in 2016?

My name is Arndrea Scott, and I have the privilege of running my own consulting company and  being the CEO of my home. I have two young children, one international teenage student, and a dog, which means I run a very busy household. To be successful, I need to be organized.

My husband and I believe very strongly in teaching our children the importance of taking care of their bodies and this beautiful planet we all get to call home.

I love the ‘Let’s Not Waste’ because it’s bringing to light the importance of not wasting food, time, or health.

In our household we value all three. Here’s what we do to try to achieve balance.

  1. We don’t waste our time watching TV all day; we get outside and go for walks, hikes, ski trips, and bike rides. Getting outside makes us feel great both physically and mentally.  We get exercise and time together as a family.
  2. We walk to and from school each day. We don’t waste gas or contribute to idling engines; instead we enjoy each other’s company and start our mornings off with some exercise.
  3. We try really hard to not waste food. I meal plan a week at a time which cuts down on last minute trips to the grocery store and impulse buys. We order from Spud for our organic meats and specialty foods like Bibigo dumplings (they are so delicious!). We save time not going to the grocery store and I save the headache of not having to try and think about what we will be eating for dinner each night.
  4. I always make more than enough dinner so that my husband can take the leftovers to work. This saves him time and money not buying an unhealthy lunch everyday. More importantly I think it saves his health from not choosing poor quality and unhealthy foods.
  5. We use recyclable containers for lunches, and we grow our own vegetables in the summer.

I encourage you to do at least one thing a week to improve how you live your life and manage your time, health, and money.

We have only one shot at this life–let’s make it our best.



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