Introducing #KidCooks

Our primary goal at Spud is to help make eating healthy more convenient. One way to do so? Get the whole family involved in the meal-planning and cooking process.  We’re proud to introduce #KidCooks – a new series profiling child superstars of differing ages and abilities helping out by planning and making their own lunches.

Need help getting your kids inspired? Here’s a few ideas.

  1. Get them involved early – let them pick a few favourite fruits and veggies from the Spud site.
  2. Put them on bin duty! Kids love surprises, and having them unpack your blue bin means they’ll get excited about healthy food.
  3. Ask them what they’d like to eat (with guidance.) For picky kids, lunch packs are a great way to ensure they’ll eat well (and eat the food they’re packed.) For example, have them pick one of the following categories: single-serve yogurt OR 2 oz skim mozzarella cheese OR 0.5 cups of cottage cheese OR 0.5 cups of hummus, with 4 grain crackers, and 0.5 cups of berries OR 1 tangerine OR 1 sliced medium-sized apple, and 8 mini-carrots OR 5 celery sticks OR 5 cucumber slices, and free range turkey pepperoni OR slices of roast turkey OR a sliced hard-boiled egg OR slices of baked chicken and finally their choice of 2 to 3 tbsp of dill yogurt dip OR ranch yogurt dip OR salsa OR cream cheese.

Watch for more tips and these #KidCooks videos right here on the blog and  through our social media channels.

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