Bone Broth from Vancouver company Boned!

Boned, A Broth Company Ltd is a new company in BC that is making big strides in producing the highest quality bone broths while striving to maximize sustainability. Dealing with beef and chicken bones has in the past, been much easier than it is today. Until only a few years ago, many of the bones in the supply chain were wasted, thrown out, or simply given away. Today it is conceivable that essentially no parts of the animal need to be wasted, and we are so proud to be a part of making sure the amazing nutrition that lives in those bones never goes to waste.


Our bone suppliers were chosen based purely on the quality of their products and their commitment to sustainability. Farmcrest Foods, our chicken bone supplier, is the only non-GMO certified supplier in Canada. As well, they minimize environmental impact by growing their own crops for food, not using artificial fertilizers, and by not having to transport chickens at any point in their life cycle…everything happens on-site! Cache Creek natural beef is our beef bone supplier, and they are also passionate about sustainability. They are known for growing their own hay and silage, using manure to fertilize, reserving a large portion of their ranch as “natural growth” (to allow countless other wild animals to share the space), and even grazing the cattle away from their beautiful river when the salmon are running.


Beyond the bones, Boned is also committed to delivering ingredients that support our model for health and sustainability, and that includes only the finest organic vegetables and spices. While we are certainly excited about not wasting food, time, and money, the Boned team is truly most passionate about not wasting health. Our process of natural and old-world cooking has brought a product to the market that delivers amazing nutrition without adding anything that isn’t 100% natural. From collagen protein and amino acids to glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, our broth is an elixir that delivers health in the most natural and bio-available form possible.


Without our health, so many other considerations lose their value, and at Boned, we believe that healthy is by choice…not chance.

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