Trying to figure out what type of gift to get your child’s teacher can be tricky.

On the one hand, there are a ton of gifts that are practical and consumable, yet you worry that maybe these things are too impersonal. But you want to get them something, they’re in charge of molding your child’s mind, after all. That said, although it can be tempting to reach for the ‘World’s Best Teacher’ mug with the apple on it, trust me, after digging around other blogs written by teachers, the common thread through all is that teachers don’t need any more mugs. So don’t even go there. Instead, you can still make a nice gesture with a gift that strikes the balance between practical and thoughtful by following our fool-proof gift guide below.

Fair-trade, locally roasted coffee and tea

As an outsider looking in, we can only imagine how much energy is required to keep students motivated, capture their attention, and be constantly ‘on’ while they teach everyday. Receiving a bag of artisanal coffee beans from a local roaster, or a selection of specially crafted teas for relaxing and winding down, are both gifts that will get used, and appreciated.

Help your teachers stay fueled.

Artisanal bath products

A good bath product can feel like an indulgence. So why not capitalize on a few of our beautifully packaged, locally-made soaps. All come in deliciously aromatic (unless unfragranced) scents, are made using natural ingredients and essential oils, and are created by dedicated artisans who live might even live in your neighbourhood.  High-quality bath products can make one’s shower feel like a treat, and that is something that everyone, including teachers, can get behind.

Make your teacher’s day.

Brain food

Keeping a brain food stash at a desk can be a good way to stay fueled and alert throughout the day. You may want to find out about a nut allergy beforehand, but a put-together selection of nuts and dried fruits, along with a handwritten card from you and your child would be an incredibly thoughtful, yet simple gift to a valued teacher.

Explore brain-happy snacks.

A gift basket filled with local goodies

The Spud gift baskets have something for everyone, and vary in price and occasion. All baskets feature gourmet treats from our wonderful vendors, and are stocked with some of our best-selling products. If you’re looking to simply pamper the teacher with delicious treats, a gift basket is a great bet.

Send a basket of local goodies.

Spud gift certificate

Just like everybody else, a teacher’s gotta eat. Not only is Spud a great option for anyone who is looking for local, organic products, it’s also incredibly convenient for busy individuals, like teachers, who could use the extra time spent on grocery shopping on something else. When you buy a gift certificate to Spud, you’re giving the gifts of choice, health, and convenience. You can’t go wrong.

Buy your teacher’s groceries.

Teacher’s work tirelessly throughout the school year, and the goal of that time is to help your child learn and succeed. It’s an important job, so a simple gesture during the holiday season is a great opportunity to let them know you appreciate their work. Remember, practical gifts are great, but don’t skimp out on adding a personal touch. A small card, written by you and your child, can also go a long way. Happy holidays and remember–no mugs!


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