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What You Need To Know About SPUD’s Packaging

The world has changed in the past year faster than it has in a long time, and so have we! In 2020, we responded to the greatest surge in online grocery we’ve ever experienced and we managed to stay on our feet to serve our community. Our ability to stay grounded is largely thanks to our team members that have given 110% to their work as well as due to our ability to adapt.  

Part of this adaptation impacted our packaging, and we know you’ve noticed! In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to share with you why we made these adaptions and what we are looking forward to in the future. 


What’s Changed 


If you’ve been a SPUD customer of ours for a while, then you know that we’ve delivered groceries in reusable bins (or reusable boxes if you’re in Edmonton) for years. While we are still committed to delivering as many groceries as possible in reusable bins, we have changed who is eligible. Here’s why: 

Reusable packaging is only more sustainable than single-use when it gets reused a certain number of times. What the pandemic showed us, is that our reusable packaging was not coming back at a high enough rate for us to deem the practice sustainable. In other words, we were losing a lot of reusable packaging. 

As a result, we’ve committed to delivering groceries in reusable bins to customers that are likely to re-order from us. If you are a subscribe and save customer, or have joined our membership program, this is you! This eligibility enables us to improve the circulation of our packaging in a more sustainable way.  

If you are a customer who is getting your deliveries in cardboard boxes, but orders on a regular basis, then you will want to join one of these two programs for more reasons thaone (hint: exclusive discounts) 


Also, follow us on Instagram @spuddelivers or @spudalberta to keep up with what other packaging we are reusing! 


Thank you for your ongoing support, 

Michelle Austin

Michelle is SPUD's Sustainability Lead. She believes a sustainable food system is the key to creating a environmentally-friendly and just world. You can often find her in the mountains biking, hiking or skiing!

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