Did you know that Spud has an awesome office delivery program?

Yep, not only do we deliver healthy groceries to your home, we can help get you and your coworkers set up with healthy snacks at work! And by healthy, we don’t just mean your average carrots and celery sticks–we mean healthy enough to keep you focused and energized, but delicious enough to keep you satisfied. And we know what we’re talking about–we feel those afternoon cookie cravings over here, too.

How does it work?

Our dedicated Business Development team has created a customizable program that will deliver healthy food and beverages to your workplace for FREE. Popular choices include organic fruit, healthy snacks, coffee, milk, other beverages, and earth-friendly cleaning products, but can also provide:

  • Refillable jars to top up weekly with nuts, granola, and snacks.
  • Drop-in lunch-and-learns which include nutrition workshops, and juicing demonstrations (We can help you build the health and wellness culture your employees are craving!).
  • Celebration tool kits! Got a birthday, or important meeting you want to treat your employees at? We’ll jazz things up with a build-your-own-sundae bar, taco bar, or yogurt parfaits.
  • We even have a delicious catering division for those morning or afternoon meetings. Platters of sandwiches, wraps, fancy tapas and creamy smoothies!
  • Want to support a local community group with your orders? We’ll donate 25% of your fruit box purchase to the organization of your choice– every single week!
  • We can even arrange gifts for you at the holidays, or anytime you want to show someone you care.

Why not just bring an apple to work and call it a day?

With headlines like ‘sitting is the new smoking’ permeating our news feeds on a daily basis, people are becoming increasingly concerned about health and wellness at work. Promoting a healthy work culture helps employees stay focused and productive, results in fewer sick days, and keeps the good vibes flowing at the office!

Canadians spend an average of 36 hours per week at work, so it’s not just some throw-out-the-window length of time you can write your health off for. Some of us spend more time at work than now, and so it’s imperative that health is considered during this time.

We hate to brag, but..

This program really is great. We’ve been running the office FREE delivery program for over 7 years now, and deliver to close to 500 different offices on a recurring, weekly basis. Office sizes range from as small as 2 people, to as large as 800 people. Some of our clients include:

  • Lululemon
  • Saje Wellness
  • Vega

Give us a try!

What it boils down to is keeping your employees healthy and happy. Keeping those two elements in mind will have your employees clear-headed, focused, and energized to get their jobs done. Convinced yet? You can test us out with a FREE TRIAL BOX.

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