If you’re struggling with what to get mom (or a motherly figure in your life) this year for Mother’s Day, don’t worry–we’ve put together a collection of some of our all-time favourite gifts. Also, if you are mom and you’re reading this right now, casually drop some of these gift hints to your family. They might appreciate it.

Spud Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Gardener’s Dream Cream

If you’re looking for a guaranteed crowd-pleasing gift, look no further. Moms across the board will love Gardener’s Dream’s heavenly eucalyptus scent and award-winning moisturizing ability (yes, award-winning).

Coffee (Or Tea!)

I’ve never met a mom who didn’t like a hot beverage. This Mother’s Day, try putting together a mom-themed gift basket with all of her all-time favourites. Coffee (or tea) is almost certainly one of them.

Essential Oils

If mom has a diffuser, perfect. Add some of these essential oils to the collection. If she doesn’t, no fear–they’re useful in other ways. Try lavender to relieve some stress (add it to your pillow before bed to improve sleep!), eucalyptus for spa vibes (add a couple drops to your shower–it’s like your own personal steam room), or tea tree oil to make a refreshing mouthwash (via www.draxe.com).

Facial Care

Don’t be daunted by the vague term “facial care”. While we have virtual shelves of serums, cleansers, and creams; to narrow things down a bit, just go for some natural lip balms. And if you’re feeling bold, try going for a face mask. Mom’ll love either.

Spud Gift Certificate

The best gift of all? A Spud gift certificate! Okay, not to sound cocky, but it’s pretty great. Mom can grab all of the above (and more!) at the click of a button.

Not into any of these things? Just put together a basket of her favourite foods! If she likes savoury snacks, throw in some chips. Or ice cream? Pretty sure no one dislikes ice cream–chuck that in there too. And last but not least, the quintessential gift: chocolate. Lest we forget about chocolate.

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