Snack Boards

SNACK BOARDS – CHARcuterie, Just Cheese Please, SEA-cuterie and VEG-cuteire 


When company is coming, or if you would simply just like an easy snacking plate for your family, Spud has so many delicious items to make your meat, cheese, seafood, and even plant-based SNACK boards a success. 

Chacuterie Snack Boards

Charcuterie and Cheese Snack Boards 

Cured meats, pates, cheese, crackers, olives, some nuts, pickles, and spreads all come together to provide a special snack board that will be difficult to step away from. Some of our favourites this season include Valbella Venison and Wild Boar Pate, their Rohess Speck, Pioneer Butchery Tuscan and Cranberry Walnut Salami, Maison Orpee Old Fashioned Mustard and Lindsay Olives. Don’t forget crackers, a baguette, and cheese (suggestions below). 

SEA-Cuterie Snack Boards

SEA-Cuterie Snack Boards 

Switch things up with a seafood platter with some fresh, cured, and canned seafood. We have Scout Canning canned PEI Mussels in Smoked Paprika and Fennel Tomato Sauce, their decadent Atlantic Lobster and canned Ontario Trout with Dill that makes a great dip mixed with sour cream and/or cream cheese. Spud has our own Ocean Wise Pink Peeled Shrimp cooked and ready to go, Sockeye Salmon Lox, and Wild Sockeye Salmon Candy. Seven Seas cuts up a POKE Ahi Tuna for you, all ready to go, rolls up a Sockeye Salmon Pinwheel with Crab Stuffing, and has Lemon Dill Prawn Cakes that could round out the board. We are fond of adding rice crackers, tortilla chips, capers, and some cocktail Sauce. 


Cheese Snack Boards

Just Cheese Please Snack Boards

There is nothing wrong with just cheese and crackers if you have some vegetarians or cheese addicts stopping in. Be sure to mix it up with some hard and soft cheeses, and add some nuts, mustard, olives, pickles, and savoury jam. Bothwell’s has Real Cheddar Cheese Curds, and a Sliced Cheese Variety Pack, L’Ancetre Cheese has a Parmesan Block, and Old Cheddar, and Krino’s Feta and Halloumi to add some European flair to the mix. Jerseyland Organics from Grand Forks is a great local choice with Asiago, Gouda and Cheddar. We love a good baguette and seedy crackers on the side. 

Vegan Cheese Snack Boards

VEG-Cuterie Snack Boards

Plant-based cheeses and meats have come a long way and Spud is known for our great vegan selection. Meat” could include Gardein’s Beefless Tips or Pork Bites, and Beyond Meat’s sausages. Favourite “cheeses” include Nuts for Cheese Black Garlic Cashew Cheese and Super Blue, and Rawesome’s Cashew Cream Cheese. Spread’em Kitchen dips and spreads, nuts, vegetables, crackers, olives and mustard and you have something incredibly special. 

SPUD has been delivering local and organic groceries in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past 20 years, and now services Vancouver Island, Calgary, and Edmonton as well!

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