Five Sustainable Christmas Tree Alternatives

For many of us, Christmas is a time for cherished traditions, but it can also be a time of excessive waste. 


This year, once again, we hope to have a sustainable holiday season. Instead of rehashing the real vs. fake Christmas tree debate, here are 5 sustainable alternatives for your Christmas tree. Because when it comes down to it, the most sustainable option is often something that already exists. 


Decorate a cactus and other houseplants. Make sure you store your decorations safely so they can be reused.



Collect previously fallen branches and hang them upside down.  



Make a DIY tree out of up-cycled wood. 



Turn your gifts into the tree. Make sure heavy and breakable items are at the bottom of your pile! 



Get a live potted tree. Some companies will drop them off, pick them up, and make sure they get planted!



If you do get a real Christmas tree, make sure it gets recycled! Here five more alternate options for a Christmas tree.


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