Every runner knows nutrition can make or break your running.
In my training fuel kit, I have included some of my favourite go-to pre & post-run
fuel! I’ve learnt from personal experience (trial and error) the dos and don’ts of what
to eat for maximum performance, as well as, optimal recovery.
Bottom line is: you’ve got to fuel well before running AND re-fuel well after running.
That’s why you will find snacks in my kit for both!


Here’s what’s included!

1. Be Fresh Coffee

• A great wake up before you really wake up on your run! The caffeine in a cup of
Be Fresh Coffee can help boost performance and may alter your body’s
perception levels of effort, pain and fatigue.

2. Holy Shot

• When the body produces free radicals during running, a Holy Shot neutralizes
free radicals and limits their effects – i.e. muscle fatigue, muscle damage and

3. Vega Sport Pre-workout Energizer

• Your muscles need a combo of fat & glycogen to run well, but your brain can
only use glucose (simple sugar) for fuel that’s why Vega’s Sport Pre-workout
Energizer can be an effective way to add an extra kick to your run, while
promoting endurance and performance.

4. Eat Prima Bar Salted Cocoa & PB

• Slow burning fats, carbohydrate, protein, and a bit of fibre; these bars have it
all. A portable snack to take with you pre-run, during or post-run.

5. Nomz

• Energy bites with natural ingredients from the earth: nuts, dates and cocoa
that are organic, vegan, paleo, gluten free, peanut free and no refined sugars.

6. Jules Fuel Blueberry Cacao Buckwheat Oats

• A healthy breakfast that will top off your energy stores without making your
stomach feel too heavy but enough to blast you through your long run,
workout or race.

7. Hemp Hearts

• The combination of calories, complex carbohydrates and protein in Hemp
Hearts provides long-lasting energy. Hemp Hearts have been shown to increase
levels of energy without other stimulants like caffeine and sugar. They provide
more energy with less fillers, like sugar and saturated fat, than common energy

8. Chickapea Pasta

• Made with only two ingredients: chickpeas and lentils and packed with protein,
providing more quality energy to keep you full longer.

9. Barney Almond Butter Singles

• Nut butters are ideal for a slow, sustained release of energy and also contain a
good source of protein for muscle growth and recovery. Almond butter in
particular, packs more bone–building minerals like magnesium, calcium, and
phosphorus, and more vitamin E than other nut butters.

10. Nuun

• When you sweat, Nuun replenishes! Each tablet delivers sodium, potassium,
magnesium and calcium that maintains fluid balance, prevents cramping and
aids in efficient muscle performance.

11. Blue Monkey Coconut Water

• Hydrate with 100% pure coconut water; a healthy alternative to sports drinks
without the additives and sugars. It is a refreshing drink on its own or mix into
a smoothie.

12. Zimt Salt of Earth Dark Chocolate

• Favourite flavour of the Zimt collection and a delicious treat post-run that
contains healthy antioxidants & anti-inflammatories


Here are my suggestions!

When: approx. 2 hours prior to morning long run/workout
What: Jules Fuel Oats with Hemp Hearts & Be Fresh Coffee
Pair a complex carbohydrate (oats) with protein (hemp hearts) for long-lasting energy
accompanied with a cup of coffee. Ideal breakfast to have!

When: 30-90 minutes pre-workout/run
What: Nomz or Eat Prima Bar
If you’ve already eaten a balanced breakfast and/or lunch, before your afternoon/
evening run, a simple snack like an energy bar/ ball with slow-burning fats,
carbohydrate and protein will be enough to sustain you.

When: 30-90 minutes pre-workout/easy run
What: Vega’s Sport Pre-Workout Energizer
If you have an easy run planned, you won’t need too much to get you moving. A
couple swigs of water with Vega’s Sport Pre-Workout Energizer is all you’ll need.

When: Lunch or Dinner pre-workout, race or long run
What: Chickapea Pasta
The night before a long run or race, what’s for dinner? That’s easy: pasta! The runner’s
favourite food is quick to prepare and loaded with carbohydrates — but now there’s a
new generation of noodles featuring ingredients like chickpeas and lentils. This pasta
packs tons of health-boosting nutrients, protein, and complex carbohydrates.

When: Within 30-60 minutes post-run
What: Barney Butter Singles or Nomz or Eat Prima
Optimal recovery happens in a small window right after your run or workout. Plan
ahead by bringing a snack with you that has all three macronutrients: protein, fat &
carbohydrates. You need the protein to aid in muscle recovery, the fat to support your
joints and the carbohydrates to replenish the ones you burned for energy.

When: post-run
What: Nuun tablets or Blue Monkey Water AND Holy Shot
After any run that you’ve sweat a lot, make sure to hydrate and replace lost
electrolytes, sodium and potassium with Nuun or Blue Monkey. In addition, take a
Holy Shot, to neutralize the free radicals that were produced during running to
prevent muscle fatigue, muscle damage and inflammation; all of which make it hard
to run the next day!

When: Following your post-run meal
What: Zimt Dark Chocolate
Reward yourself! Dark Chocolate hits my sweet craving and gives me healthy
antioxidants and inflammatories! Bonus. This particular flavour of Zimt includes pink
Himalayan salt which is necessary for athletes when we lose sodium during physical



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