Extra virgin olive oil has to be one of our most loved kitchen staples. We use it daily, in everything from salad dressings to marinades to pasta sauce to hummus and much more. So it’s only natural that we wanted to have our own Be Fresh extra virgin olive oil. With media reports claiming olive oil is one of the most commonly faked foods on the market, we knew we had to put in the work to be completely sure our Be Fresh EVOO was legit.


As much as we love the stuff, we had no idea how to go about sourcing the best olive oil possible for our label. So we brought in a ringer – a well-respected and highly experienced importer – to help us out.


We knew what we wanted: an everyday olive oil that wouldn’t feel too fancy to cook with, but that’s still nice enough to just dunk a chunk of bread into and enjoy. We wanted to make sure it was affordable enough to be a go-to oil. And we wanted to make sure our olive oil was produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. A pretty tall order, right? Working with our local connoisseur, we looked at several olive oil suppliers before ultimately choosing the best fit to carry our Be Fresh label.


The EVOO we selected is Spanish in origin, and has a light greenish colour with a fresh, aromatic, and slightly fruity flavour. It contains no added water or preservatives, and it is stored in stainless steel tanks at a stable temperature and hermetically sealed to ensure it’s always top quality with consistent characteristics. It’s processed in an ecological mill – a system that reduces the amount of water used and overall waste produced by the pressing process. And it’s just $13.99 per 1L. It’s safe to say it ticks all our boxes, and then some.





Be Fresh Olive Oil

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