Now that Spud is selling imperfect produce, you might be wondering what you are supposed do with it! Well, wonder no more – we’re going to give you some great ways to use all the imperfect apples you can buy.

Imperfect Apples

When you order imperfect apples, you can expect them to be over-ripe, gently bruised, have some natural scarring, or to be coming in unusual shapes or sizes. You’ll get a mix of popular apple varieties, and it could be different each time you order them. While these apples are generally fine for just eating out of hand, you may find yourself searching for some other ways to use up your 5lb’s.



This one’s a no-brainer. If you have apples that aren’t cute enough to eat, chop them up and throw them in a pie, a batch of muffins, or apple cinnamon rolls!


Ripen Unripe Fruits

Apples release ethylene, which triggers ripening in other fruits, like bananas or avocados. Simply place an apple in a paper bag with whatever you want ripened, and you will likely begin to see progress wihtin a couple of hours!


Apple Butter

Apple Butter is a smooth, appley, buttery delight! Check out this slow cooker recipe for a great base, and add flavours as you like. If you’re wondering what to do with all the apple butter, here are some recipes to help inspire you! Definitely try apple butter-filled gingerbread cookies. I’m pretty sure they’re fall in food-form.


Give Your Pup A Treat

Apples are an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, and many antioxidants – for humans and for dogs! In fact, we included them in our list of human foods dogs should eat. If your dog has been extra good recently, try whipping up a batch of these adorable and healthy pup pretzels, using imperfect apples!



If you’re feeling crafty, there are lots of ways to incorporate some apples into your projects. You can make dried apple garlands, apple stamps, or my personal favourite, apple tea light holders. Or how about this perfect-for-the-holidays idea: homemade apple potpourri!


Save A Soup

Added too much salt to a soup or sauce? We’ve all been there, and it seems like there’s no saving it. Well, apples to the rescue! Adding a few apple slices and stirring right before serving will suck up excess salt – just remember to remove them before you serve!


Of course, there are countless other ways to use apples too! Let us know your favourite way to use our imperfect apples.


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