Halloween Recipes For Kids

Keep the fun going all week long with these creative Halloween recipes for kids!

Mandarin Pumpkins

This simple way to serve fruit makes eating an orange all that more fun! Simply use a small piece of celery as the pumpkin stem.

halloween recipes for kids

Pumpkin Quesadillas

Cut out a Jack-o-Lantern’s into a classic kids quesadilla!

pumpkin quesadilla in pan

Banana Ghosts

Use chocolate chips to make faces on your bananas for a spooktacular snack! Take it up a notch by freezing the bananas and dipping them in white chocolate beforehand.

banana ghosts

Graveyard Sandwiches

Cut your favourite sandwiches into mini tombstones, and decorate with ketchup and mustard. Bonus, you can put on a bed of lettuce “grass”.

Eyeball Mocktails

Use lychee fruits and blueberries to make eyeballs in juice or mocktails. These also make great cocktail garnishes for Halloween parties!

Halloween Mini Pizza’s

Use black olives, cheese, green pepper, and pepperoni to make scary mini pizzas! Make these super easy by using mini pita’s in place of dough!

halloween recipes for kids


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