Gluten Free on the Go!

It can be challenging to find gluten free options that are better than their more glutenful counterparts. However, they do exist! And they are the reason for my blog.
One of my favorite parts of my work at is taste testing product for the Gluten Free section of the website.

O’Dough’s Bagel Thins – Sprouted Whole Grain Flax are a MUST TRY. I probably never would have tried them, as I do have dietary allergies that include dairy…and as an “on the go” eater, I wouldn’t eat a bagel without cream cheese.

So when taste testing the O’Dough’s bagels I took the opportunity to try Tofutti – Better Than Cream Cheese Spread. This was the perfect match — dairy free, gluten free and as delicious as the bagels I would eat on my way to the office when I was working in NYC.

If you want to make more a meal out of them, add sliced veggies and smoked salmon, tempeh, or deli meat for bagel sandwiches.

Add them to your cart, toast them and enjoy. If you aren’t satisfied, I’ll buy them back!

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