Since we’re committed reducing food waste, we wanted to introduce someone else who is working hard to ensure no food is wasted in Vancouver:

Meet David, the founder of Food Stash Foundation- a registered BC non-profit that aims to reduce as many kilograms of food waste from landfills as possible, while helping those in need and educating the community. We sat down with him to learn more about Food Stash’s story and mission.

After gaining inspiration from watching the local documentary “Just Eat It”, David decided to make it his mission to create change in the city. Last September, he quit his job as a high school teacher to follow his passion for sustainability. He strived to create a program that was inclusive to all community members, and that would help a diverse list of charities. He also strived to place an importance on partnering with businesses that provided high quality foods, that were both delicious and nutritious.
Fast forward to the present. Food Stash currently works with over 20 different stores around the city including Be Fresh Cypress, Be Fresh Bayswater, and Organic Acres. You’ll find David and his volunteers driving around five days a week, transferring food waste to over 17 different charities including the Kettle Society- where the in-house chef uses the imperfect produce to create meals. Other partners of Food Stash include the MPA, the Inland Refugees Society, Tenth Church, the Jewish Food Bank, the Burnaby Mosque, and Broadway Youth Resource Centre. Having a background in teaching and working with youth, David realizes the importance and value of educating the next generation on food security and the impacts of their food choices on their health and the environment.
Moving forward, David would love to gain resources to help reduce even more food waste. One of his goals is to eventually be able to rent a facility where he can ferment or dehydrate produce in order to extend their shelf-life. To learn more about Food Stash or to find out how you can help- check out their website
Food stash
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