It’s common knowledge that you and your kids don’t always agree on matters of taste. While children enjoy simpler foods, adults tend to have a more complex palate and ability to enjoy foods that kids would elegantly describe as “yucky.” The difference between kid-friendly food and grown up food can make meal prep twice as much work as it needs to be, but fortunately for you, customizable lunches to cater to both yourself and your children.

The idea is easy, using the same base ingredients, you can make a more appealing dish to whoever may end up eating it with a few simple tweaks. This includes foods such as salads, calzones, and even wraps. All super easy to make and customize to your liking!


Make These Customizable Lunches Everyone Will Love


1. Calzone

Otherwise referred to as a giant pizza pocket, the calzone is a classic lunch that is easily adaptable. What you’ll need is pre-made pizza dough, roasted veggies, your favourite cheese (grated), and some sort of meat (chicken, ham, ground beef, etc…). For adults, add sundried tomatoes, olives, pesto and spinach. Bake, cut into slices, and refrigerate. Simply reheat in the microwave before you’re ready to enjoy. Serve this savory lunch with fruit for a little bit of balance and an extra kick of nutrients that everyone will enjoy!


2. Kabob/Salad

When you’re a kid, salads aren’t really something you necessarily enjoy, let alone take to school and eat in front of your best pals. Instead, on small chop sticks, try stacking cubed veggies such as peppers and carrots, cheese, cubed ham or folded deli meat, and even cherry tomatoes if they enjoy ‘em!

For yourself, chop up those veggies and toss ‘em in a dish. Add kale, cheese, various seeds, and a light vinaigrette and you’ll have yourself a complete, filling salad. Throw in shredded deli meat for some extra protein if you’d like.


3. Wraps

Wraps are simple, nutritious, and delicious! For kids, all you need is a tortilla wrap, cream cheese, seasoned, cooked, and cubed chicken breast, a few thin slices of pepper, crisp lettuce, and a little bit of red onion. These wraps are light and yummy, but also simple enough that you could easily keep adding toppings!

When you’re making wraps for yourself, you may want to swap out the cream cheese for dijon mustard and add a few slices of avocado, some leaves of spinach, and a pinch of chili for extra heat.

While kids may prefer simpler foods, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise for the sake of meal prep. Use these customizable bases to ensure everyone is happy with their lunches. Have any customizable ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


Make These Customizable Lunches Everyone Will Love
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