If someone asks you what your favourite cheese is, and your answer is not ‘burrata’, you’re probably doing it wrong. Burrata is the most divine of all cheeses. It’s a knight on a white charger, an ace in a hole, and the best hand you’ve ever been dealt. This sumptuous cheese is made with a buttery mozzarella outer shell that encases fresh stracciatella and cream on the inside. Think of it as the lava cake of the cheese realm–an ivory, rich, and creamy filling cascading out onto your favourite dish.

Maybe you’ve only been recently introduced to burrata, and you’re not quite sure how to eat this porcelain ball of surprise. The good thing is, this delicious cheese goes with basically any summer dish–on top of salads, pastas, alongside roasted tomatoes, grilled vegetables, and even a juicy, perfectly marbled cut of striploin.

Here are some tasty ways to enjoy burrata.

1. As a large part of burrata is mozzarella, you can’t go wrong with pairing it with tomatoes, basils, and a little olive oil. Cut the cheese ball into flat slices and use them as pizza topping.

2. Who doesn’t love the good ol’ cheese-and-cracker combination? You can choose to use just the outer mozzarella, the creamy filling, or both! Drizzle on a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil to upgrade your afternoon bite. Crackers, crostinis, or just bread, anything works! Pair your cheese with a glass of wine, preferably a light red like a pinot noir, and you’re set.

3. For salads, cut the outer mozzarella into small cubes or tear them into strips, and toss them in your favourite salad. Mozzarella is light in flavour, so it will go with just about any recipe! Complement it with refreshing summer ingredients like radishes, snap peas, and arugula. Squeeze fresh lemon juice, and sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

4. ‘Burrata’ derives from the italian word for ‘butter’, so use it as so! With the inner creamy filling, spread it on a toast, and top off with your favourite ingredients. Whether you’re team mushroom toast or avocado toast, use the burrata filling for a rich, buttery texture and flavour.

5. Risotto, with or without rice, is often loved for its buttery, rich, and cheesy consistency. Try mixing the filling into your risotto. The light and creamy flavour is perfect for any summertime recipes.

If you haven’t tried burrata yet, make that a mission. Actually, put it on your bucket list because it’s that amazing. And if you’ve tried burrata, share with us your favourite ways to enjoy this extravagant, decadent cheese.


Daniel is a Digital Marketing and Content Strategist at SPUD. He graduated from UBC with a degree in English and International Relations with a focus on environmental topics. A wordsmith by day and a bookman by night, he's a self-proclaimed gastronomic snob, a buck-a-shuck addict, a sub-par skier, and a devoted kingsguard of the oxford comma. He also frequents the dog park with a schnauzer named Duke. | Instagram: @dannnyellow

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