Together let’s not waste 2016.

Did you know Canadians waste over $30 billion of food every year? Did you know we spend 80 hours on average in traffic? How about the 5 years we spend in line over our lifetime? We waste time, food, money, and our health in ways we aren’t even aware of, and it adds up!

We’re on a mission to do something about it.

Spud has the lowest food waste of any grocery store in Canada. Almost all of our inventory is turned over in 48 hours, we don’t have lines and we use reusable plastic bins to deliver your food in.

We want to encourage Canadians to find ways to limit their food waste through our #letsnotwaste campaign. Tell us how you plan not to waste your time, money, food, and health in 2016 on social media and be entered to win free groceries for a year. Do you have your own garden? Do you walk to work instead of drive? Even if you erase your notes and re-use paper, we want to hear about it. Take a picture, upload it, and hash tag #letsnotwaste.

Together let’s not waste 2016.
Take the pledge to reduce your waste in 2016, and be entered to win free groceries for an entire year.


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