A Perspective From Our Resident Vegan: Vegan Shopping

Vegan Shopping Made Easy.


Grocery shopping can be enjoyable. but it is time consuming especially if you want to know what is in the groceries you buy. I have spent years reading the labels of everything I purchase, long before I ever entered the realm of vegetarianism or veganism. I even taught my now adult children to do the same (although I am not sure if they still do it). Simply put, I figured if I couldn’t pronounce an ingredient’s name, it probably didn’t belong in my body. These days, one can simply Google the ingredient and find out pretty quickly what it is. There are even apps for our smart phones that can make this process a little easier.


When I converted from my omnivorous lifestyle to vegetarianism and eventually veganism, reading labels became even more pertinent to me. Shopping for vegan products other than straight fruit and vegetables can be like negotiating a minefield and it makes shopping an even more time consuming chore. I’ve often thought how great it would be to have access to a vegan grocery store so I could just shop for different items without having to verify that there were no animal products in my purchase. And then I found Spud!


Did you know that there is a “Special Diets” section on Spud’s website?  In that section, you will find Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan/Dairy Free (currently with over 1000 items and more being added all the time), Wheat Free and Yeast Free.


How happy am I that vegan shopping can now be done from my home at any hour of the day? I don’t even have to get dressed to shop and I will go into my account several times a week to add things I forgot. I simply click on the Vegan/Dairy Free section and can shop to my heart’s delight, confident that every choice is not only vegan, but organic and GMO free too! My shopping experience is so simple and if ever Spud doesn’t carry what I am looking for, I put in a request and as long as they are able to get it, pretty soon the items I want are on their shopping site. Plant based eating has evolved so much in the past few years and I am excited that Spud leads the way in making being a vegan shopper such an easy process!

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