As a customer care representative at Spud I answer a lot of questions. There are quite a few that come up consistently, mostly because ordering your groceries from Spud is a very different experience from shopping in a store. With that new experience comes a lot of misconceptions. Perhaps the largest is that you need to wait at home to receive your order from us, which isn’t always true. We have gotten pretty creative when it comes to getting food on your table. So check out which option works best for you.


If you live in a house

Its simple, we can deliver your order to your front door or in your backyard, really anywhere you’d like as long as it’s accessible. Simply include some clear details in your delivery instructions and our drivers will deliver your order. Our bins are packed to keep everything  at the right temperature for about six hours, so there’s no need to rush home!


If you live in an apartment

Spare key

We’ve got a few options for you apartment dwellers, the easiest is a spare key. If you can provide us with a key we can let ourselves into the building and drop off your order to your suite door. You can give your key to one of our drivers with your next order or drop it off at one of our warehouses or Be Fresh locations.


Buzzer connected to your cell phone

If you don’t have a spare key hanging around there are still some delivery options for you. If your building has a buzzer that goes to your cell phone then we can simply buzz you and you can let us in remotely. From there we can deliver your order in front of your suite. Just make sure that you’re at least available enough to answer your phone and your order will be waiting for you when you get home.


If all else fails

Time windows

If these options don’t work for you and you need to be home to receive your order we have other methods in place to make your delivery as smooth as possible. Some areas in Metro Vancouver have access to time windows.


When you’re placing your order you can select from three time windows 9am to 1 pm, 1pm to 5pm, and 5pm to 9pm. Your order is then routed to be delivered within that time. With a time window you have a better idea of when to expect your groceries.


Unfortunately time windows are only available in certain areas but we’re working to expand their availability. If you’re curious about whether it’s an option for you check your delivery time at the top of your shopping cart. If the drop down menu has those options then time windows are available in your area!


Delivery ETA 

If you’re ever curious when your order is set to arrive you can always log into the site on the day of delivery. At the top of the homepage there will be a time window estimate. This gives you an estimate of when to expect your order. We deliver between 9am and 9pm in Vancouver and Victoria and between 3pm and 9pm in Edmonton and Calgary.


Picking up your order

You can also pick up your order from any of our warehouses or Be Fresh locations. Simply stop by the pickup location on the day you’ve selected with your customer code and pick up your order.


Picking up your order has the added advantage of giving you more days to place an order (add days in each city). Each pick up location has different hours of operations so make sure to take a look before you stop by.


To place an order for pick up simply added items to your cart on the day for the day you’d like to pick up the order. On the shopping cart page click on view pick up options, this will be under your address towards the top of the page. From there you can select your pickup location.


These are just a few of the options we provide so you don’t have to wait around wondering when your order will arrive. Finding the best way to deliver saves you a trip to the grocery store so you can enjoy your day.


If you have any questions about how our deliveries work or anything Spud, give us a call at customer care!


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Cam has worked in a variety of departments at SPUD but these days you can find him in marketing. On any given day he'll be skateboarding down mountains or playing his guitar very loudly. He's also a MASSIVE Kesha fan and loves to hang out with his Kitties, Helo and Moose.

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