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Local Vendor Spotlight: Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Over the past several months, we at SPUD have worked tirelessly to address our customers’ concerns about food safety and food security. Hand-in-hand with these concerns, we have also witnessed a continuous desire from our customers to support small businesses in more ways. To respond to this admirable ask, we’ve started to ‘spotlight’ some of our favourite vendors! By doing so, we hope to share more about their story, explain why we at SPUD love them, and to provide our customers with an window into our vendors experiences over the past year. We hope these stories will inspire you to support them as well as to motivate you to continue shopping local! So, without further ado, we’d like you to meet Jason, Co-Owner of Two Rivers!

About Two Rivers Specialty Meats 

Jason and his partner Margot, the owners of Two Rivers, pride themselves on developing relationships with local farmers who share their vision of how animals should be raised. They are a purveyor of fine meats that are free of antibiotics, hormones and chemical feed additives. 

This local butcher counter, located in North Vancouver, has a history in providing meat for the food service industry and more recently in retail. Two Rivers has been a vendor of for more than ten years!  



How COVID-19 has impacted their business 

Two Rivers quickly witnessed their revenue streams flip upside down as COVID-19 entered the community. While the shop lost the vast majority of their restaurant customers, they said their business with “went through the roof”. This shift created drastic changes within their operations. For example, he mentioned how a customer orders meat in small portions which requires more time for packaging, while restaurants would alternatively order larger parts which are less labour intensive. These changes have been one of the main focus area for Jason and his team to make more efficient 

Coupled with these changes is the extra efforts the team has made to keep their space sanitized. Jason says they routinely clean all surfaces and all the employees wear masks.  

What ways can you help? 

Jason thanks all SPUD customers for their continued support through COVID-19 and asks that customers keep buying their local product! He also voices that the Two Rivers team, in partnership with’s purchasing team, is working around the clock to improve their processes and is optimistic that the future supply of their product on will be more reliable.  

Final Thoughts 

Jason ended the interview with us by sharing his gratitude for the “growing voice in support of local businesses” while also sharing some words of encouragement to the community in general: “Keep going to flatten the curve!”  





SPUD has been delivering local and organic groceries in Vancouver and the lower mainland for the past 20 years, and now services Vancouver Island, Calgary, and Edmonton as well!

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