This February is Heart Health Month!  As we all know, food has a beautiful way of  bringing people together. The stories and memories behind the meals we prepare pull on our nostalgic heartstrings. In honour of Heart Health Month, we have asked our Ambassadors to share the recipes that make their heart happy, and we would love you to do the same. Share your photo, recipe and stories using #SpudHAPPYHEART as we nourish our community together. 


As a child, I often looked forward to Valentines, maybe it was because it was right by my birthday, but mostly it was because my mom would always go out of her way to make us feel special and loved on valentines. Pink candies, red hearts and all that comes with it. You see she has a big heart.

As I’ve grown older, it sometimes feels like a bit of role reversal, because now truly what is important to me is to take care of my moms heart. SO this is a bit of a two parter story.

Spud asked me to contribute to the #Spudhappyheart campaign, with something of nostalgia, love and tasty memories… and well, this got thinking of my mom.

You see, my mom, her heart has always been big. No literally. For almost as long as I can remember she has suffered very poor health and tremendous circumstance, all whilst wearing a coat of pink lipstick and high heels to match. Looking at my mom, you would never guess that she is very ill and actually in heart failure. This could be partly because she puts a smile forward, and also because you may never guess that someone that looks like her would assume that she is or has been as sick as she is. I would like to say that I can help my mom get better, but the truth is I can’t. I know that now. But what I can do is love her, and that I will do. I will also approach all moments with her as a thing of beauty, chance, and gift, and try to make them as sweet as I can along the way as long as I can.

So when I thought of Heart, Valentines, Heart Health and Nostalgia, you could see how my mom came to mind.

Understanding something sweet is in order, and something heart healthy too, I thought I would make something natural, fun, and of course pink and also something my mom adores…. My mom LOVES Reece’s Peanut Butter cups. It was that or Mars bars from what I remember. And seeing as though I won’t let her go down either of those roads, I thought I would whip up something equally as delicious but with natural ingredients and a few added heart healthy ones that are going to be more nourishing which we will both be happy about.

Beets give us this colour, but are absent to the taste. A mix of coconut and almond really stands present, but the beets give some beautiful fibre, colour and added nutrients which is what I was looking for.

Why eat this?  Magnesium from raw cacao, to help with muscle tension and relaxation, iron  to build stores to keep your blood strong, beet for cleansing and filtration, and healthy fats for that comfort and brain health. It’s a match made in heaven, but most importantly made with love. They are delicious, and sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered.


Pink Almond Butter Cups


For the Cups

  • 3/4 cup Cacao Powderalmond butter cups
  • 3/4 cup Coconut Oil, melted
  • 3 Tbs Maple Syrup


  • 1/3 cup Almond Butter
  • 1/3 cup Coconut oil, not melted
  • 1/2 medium roasted beat (cooled)
  • Himalayan Salt
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla extract


In a medium bowl, whisk together your Cacao powder, Oil, and Maple Syrup.

Line your Muffin tin pan with mini cupcake liners(you can do big ones too if you want)

Pour in enough of your chocolate mixture to coat the bottom of your liners. 1-2 spoons each I’d say.

Place in fridge for around 20 minutes to set.

Make your Filling

In a vitamix or blender, blend your Almond Butter, Oil, Roasted Beet and Vanilla. Blend until smooth and pink. Grind in some himalayan pink salt and blend to combine. Taste and adjust accordingly.

Now place filling in a small ziploc bag, contents to one side. Cut the tip of one of the bottom corners of your ziploc and use like a piping bag.

Remove the chocolate bases from fridge.

Pipe filling contents on top of the chocolate bases in liner. About 1-2 tsp each. Flatten down a little bit so they aren’t tall.

Place in fridge to set for 15-30 minutes, then remove for the final step

Now pour the remainder of your chocolate over top of your filling to create your final step in the cups. I use a spoon to do this.

Place cups in fridge and set until firm.

Store in fridge and enjoy right away, they keep for quite a few days. Or place in freezer and store.





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I’m Kate. I am currently in the process of becoming a Holistic Nutritionist and am a Natural Foods Chef. I am so passionate about being able to help people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life. I want to be able to inspire, encourage, educate and create change within the world of nutrition and how we treat disease though food and help you create the life you want, with your best body in the process. Along the way I hope you join me in discovering all areas of wellness and expertise, including the fundamentals I believe help us get to where we want to go… change, food, and movement, the benefit = the glow.








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