Parchment paper is the kind of thing you may have never thought of using, but once you do, it becomes a staple.


It can go in the oven (where waxed paper melts) and it can go in the microwave (where tin foil causes a small fire). It’s non-stick AND reusable. If you’re not sold yet, here are some of the top ways to use parchment paper in your kitchen:

5 Ways to Use Parchment Paper


You'll definitely want to make parchment paper a staple of your kitchen!

  • Line Cookie Sheets & Baking Pans


    This one is kind of a no-brainer, but it still deserves a mention. By lining your baking pans with parchment you'll not only be ensuring that your food doesn't stick, you'll also be making clean up a snap! This doesn't just work for cookie sheets – you can also use parchment to line cake or lasagna pans, or for anything you are roasting. Just be sure to spray pans with non-stick spray prior to lining to ensure the parchment doesn't slip. Bonus – if your paper isn't too messy, you can reuse it!

  • Cook a Meal "En Papillote"


    "En papillote" means "in parchment" in French, and it is way easier than it sounds. Basically, you just wrap up some veggies, some fish, and some seasonings in a parchment paper pouch, toss it in the oven, and voila – you have a super healthy meal with basically no dishes to do.

  • Serve Food in a Paper Cone


    Why? Well, aside from the obvious (no dishes – are you noticing a theme?) eating food out of a cone is fun! Just roll the parchment into a cone and secure with tape. It's perfect for snacks on the go (you can tuck them into empty cups in car cupholders) or portion control. Instead of taking a whole bag of chips to couch while you watch a movie, serve yourself a fancy paper cone of chips.

  • Store Food Without Sticking


    Parchment is perfect for dividing leftovers like pizza, pancakes, and chicken breasts so they don't stick together in the fridge. It's also great for separating frozen items that tend to stick together (like hamburger patties or cookies) prior to placing them in a freezer bag

  • Wrap a Gift


    Especially if that gift happens to be everyone's favourite gift – baked goods! You can use parchment paper to wrap a non-food gift too, in a pinch.  Tied up with twine or ribbon, it looks rustic yet polished – totally Pinterest-worthy.

  • Bonus: Bacon!


    Frying bacon on the stove top is sooo messy – the fat splatters everywhere, and then you're left with a pan full of grease. No. Preheat your oven to 400 F and place your bacon on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes until bacon is crispy. You'll never fry bacon again.


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