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“At Avafina Organics making delicious, organic plant-based foods that are minimally processed is our passion. We believe that organic agriculture is the most important way to keep our planet safe and our bodies free of poisons. We are committed to helping people achieve optimum health by providing products that are organic and 100% plant-based. Organic is not just a fancy word, it implies a completely different way of production, a respectful way of treating the earth, and is fundamental for the health of our planet. Animal agriculture is deteriorating our beautiful planet and it is the number one reason for global warming and a lot of very negative effects we are noticing in our environment. We need to reframe the way we live and make different decisions about the way we grow food and what foods we put in our bodies. 

Every decision we make matters. Our health, and the health of our planet, is in our hands.” – Laura Cuñer, Founder of Avafina Organics

Avafina Founder

What does international women’s day mean to you? 

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of so many women who have put their lives towards servicing others, and it is a reminder that we can really achieve whatever we put our attention, time and work towards. 

Have you faced any challenges in your career due to being a woman? 

Absolutely not or at least, I don’t allow myself to believe that. On the contrary, I feel like being a woman is the most wonderful gift I have received and it has helped me in my career immensely. I have never had a “less than” mentality and people reflect our values back to us. Being a woman in a man’s world has set me apart and provided me with great opportunities.

Why do we need more women in leadership? 

Because women lead with their hearts and when you lead with your heart, you create a family around your business, putting people first, serving the community and creating purposeful employment.

Who is your female role model?  

Ann Gigmore and her protocol of living foods have deeply impacted and influenced my life. Ann’s protocol also influenced our recipes and products at Avafina Organics. The idea that we can change the state of our health by deciding what we put in our bodies is very powerful. You can not buy a healthy body on eBay, but you can create the right environment for the cells in your body to thrive by deciding what you are feeding them every day. Every decision you make matters and it compounds. If you want to have a healthy body, you need to make the right choices. It’s not difficult, just choose organic whole plant based foods that are alive, fermented and minimally processed. 

Avafina Spud

What is the most important piece of advice that you have been given?  

Follow your passion, do something you love because the road will get hard, and if you are not doing what you love, you will give up. You need commitment, determination, discipline and perseverance to be successful, but most importantly, your heart needs to be in it. 

What is one message you would give to any young woman or girl reading this post?  

The most fulfilling thing you can do with your life is to be of service to others. You can make a difference doing anything, as long as you are kind and loving and give the best of yourself in every interaction. Do everything to the best of your ability.  Strive for excellence, play full out and give the best of yourself. 


What is a woman’s empowerment moment that you’ve had or one that inspires you? 

Our health should always be our number one priority. I‘ve met a lot of facilitators, (who are mostly women), at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego that were able to reverse and heal their bodies by following a Whole Foods plant based diet and exercise program. We are not destined to repeat the same diseases our ancestors had, and with supporters like Spud making a wide variety of organic and real food items available so effortlessly, we can all make better choices in our own lives.  I believe many chronic diseases of our modern life are preventable, and that they are mostly caused by the way we farm and eat. If we want a better tomorrow, everything starts with the way we eat and what we put in our bodies and environment, which are one and the same. 

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