Choosing between red meats can be a little overwhelming at times. Two types of meat that leave people scratching their heads are bison and beef. More specifically, why is bison more expensive and is it worth it?

Why is it more expensive?

Bison, or buffalo, while part of the same family as cattle, aren’t raised like ordinary cattle. They’re raised on ranches and eat a diet that consists predominantly of grass. The result is an animal that is raised without hormones or antibiotics and produces less carbon emissions than traditionally farmed cattle, even ones that are free-range. Since they’re not farmed like beef cattle, the cost of raising bison is generally higher.

Is it worth it?

Most definitely! Bison is much leaner than beef. It contains fewer calories and less saturated fat, more protein, and a similar amount of vitamin B12 and iron. So, it’s not only the more environmentally friendly choice, it’s also the healthier one. Generally, bison has a drier, sweeter taste than conventional beef due to its grass heavy diet, but it’s not an overwhelming difference and depending on your taste palate, it may even become a preference.

Bison is a great alternative to beef for those who are looking for a similar red meat with a higher nutritional value and lower environmental impact. Try ground bison in your burger, chili, or taco today!


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