It’s Bike to Work Week here in Vancouver, and we want to reward all of you cycling to work this week with some sweet deals at Spud!

To do this, we have partnered with our friends at the BIKO app to reward your hard work with free groceries.

If you haven’t heard of BIKO and you spend a lot of time cycling (or want to), listen up! BIKO is an app that you can download onto your smartphone that will track your bike rides, and will reward you for every kilometer you pedal with deals at local businesses around the city (like Spud). All of your rides go towards accumulating ‘Bikos’, which can be spent on special offers at participating businesses.

So whether you’re commuting to work, getting some exercise, or just having fun on your bike, you can be earning Bikos at the same time. How great is that?

How to use your Biko points at Spud!

Whether you’re a new customer or a Spud regular, we’ll reward your cycling habit with healthy fuel to keep you going!

Existing customers: For the duration of Bike to Work Week (May 29th – June 4th), existing customers can get $5 off any $50+ order by redeeming just 15 Biko points. This promotion can be used once anytime during the week, and will still work for groceries being delivered the following week as long the code is used between May 29th – June 4th.

New customers: New customers can redeem their Biko points for $15 off any $50+ order for 45 Biko points!

How to redeem: Simply download BIKO onto your smartphone, open the app, start riding, and redeem our offer through the app when you’ve saved up enough points. BIKO will provide you with the promo code which can be used on when checking out.

Cycling is great exercise, helps reduce the amount of gas emissions that are released into our atmosphere, and is just plain fun! Taking part in Bike to Work week is a great way to get into the habit of using your bike instead of your car. Just make sure to stay safe, and always wear a helmet.


Happy cycling everyone, we’ll see you out there!


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