Did you notice all the food themes everyone was talking about this year? Probiotic foods, keto, seaweed, plant-based, repurposing produce, and upcycled foods, and packaging that doesn’t suck? Let’s hope those trends are here to stay!  2019 is starting to wrap up and we are heading into the holiday season, and there is one thing that is super exciting: 2020 food trends! 


Regenerative agriculture


Regenerative agriculture is defined as the “farming principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enriches the soil, improves watersheds and enhances ecosystem services” (1).

African flavors 

African foods are loaded with common flavors of ginger, chili, onions, and tomatoes. Often, African cuisine includes peanuts, ginger, and lemongrass with not so common ingredients such as sorghum, fonio, and millet. This is one trend I am excited to experiment with!

Food trends 2020 African Flavors




Plant-based and soy alternatives  


It is here to stay! But hold up, let’s rethink soy. There are so many other options than soy. Try beans, and other meat alternatives like beyond meat. 

Food Trends 2020 Plantbase




Kids menu 


We are raising little foodies, and introducing them to more sophisticated food. So why not include them in the kitchen? Encourage your youngsters to help you wash veggies, rip the leaves of lettuce or herbs and the older kids to help cut or cook their food.

Food Trends 2020 Kids in the Kitchen



Kombucha mocktails and other 0% proof alcoholic beverages and more! Time to get creative and being a mixologist is not just for alcoholic beverages!  Get on top of this trend and impress your friends with these 5 kombucha mocktail recipes

Food Trends for 2020 the mocktail


What food trend are you excited for in 2020? 


(1) http://www.regenerativeagriculturedefinition.com/ 

Zoey is the social media and content coordinator at SPUD. When she is not at work you can find her making a mess in the kitchen, sipping on coffee and playing board games.

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