#Let’sNotWaste Customer Entry: We organize, label, prioritize.

We want to share some stories from our amazing customers and friends who are engaging the #letsnotwaste movement. Here is an entry to the #letsnotwaste contest and an inspiring way to limit household food waste.

(If you have a story to share, and want to see it here, please email us at shannon@spud.ca to enter the #letsnotwaste contest to win free groceries for a year, and have your story published!!).

Eight years ago my husband and I retired in Sooke BC (from the Canadian Forces).  He was Navy for 35 years and I was Army for 35 years and cooking together has always been our hobby.  We collect cookbooks from around the world and love grocery shopping.  We often found we were throwing out food.  To help us plan our meals and waste less we made up a freezer contents list (my husband hates freezer burnt food (another waste)) and I found a list helped me stop impulse buying.  A couple of years ago we decided to eat less processed food and this along with resolving to eat more Veggies/Fish (we eat no meat Monday to Thursday) we started to see some health benefits.  Last year we started to eat more locally and joined a Farm Program.  Then we joined the Spud family.  Now we can eat locally, sustainably, waste less and bonus – it is delivered to our door.  My husband and I were not that big on Organic but Spud and our farm programme have changed that.  What a taste difference.

When I get my order I immediately put what I bought onto this menu planner sheet which I print back to back on hard paper.  I also cut out the order and tape it to my menu planner and cross things out as I use them.  All my kitchen scraps I save in the freezer and then when I have a Crock Pot full I make a broth over night with the scraps, some peppercorns, a bay leaf and water to fill the pot to ¾ full.  Sometimes I add any leftover wine.  Haven’t bought broth in a year.  I label them as Chicken, Beef or Veggie and use them accordingly.  I freeze them too if I have too many.   I also use the broth to cook my veggies which gives them a buttery flavour without butter.

When we end up with too much fruit I freeze them and then when I have enough I make jams and chutneys.   We love tomatoes and often still buy/ grow too many.  Then in the winter we make tomato soup and sauces.  I just throw them in a bag and when they thaw the peels slip off.  My husband now wants me to make a larder/pantry list.  Although there is not much waste there because as the best before date nears we donate it to the local Food Bank.  Our latest Motto when grocery shopping, is, “STORE IT IN THE STORE”.

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