Vendor Highlight: Curelle Cures All!

Recently I had the chance to meet up with the founder of Curelle personal care products, Brian Curelle, and was genuinely blown away by this company’s commitment to a cleaner, safer, and simply better products. 


Curelle personal care products are the brainchild of Brian Curelle. In Vancouver in the mid-90s, disillusioned by reading about the nasty chemicals found in deodorant, Mr. Curelle created the first aluminum-free deodorant. This, it turns out, was just the beginning.  It wasn’t long before he started questioning most of the skin and hair care products on the market and began making alternatives to not only the conventionals but to all products on the market.


Mr. Curelle did his research. He educated himself on the chemistry of ingredients. He found out the health and enviromental problems the alchohol in hairspray causes. It was obvious, the conventional products we use on our body contain harmful chemicals. There was a gap in the market for safe and clean hair, body, and skin products. So, as any entrepreneurial, environmentalist would do, he set out to give the consumer what they didn’t even know they were missing: clean cleaning.


After two years of mad-scientist-ing with soft ingredients, he introduced his formulas, branded as Curelle. This ultra-clean, plant-derived health and body line does not take their ingredients for granted.  Alcohol-free. Clean. Safe.


So, by now in our interview, I was sold on Mr. Curelle’s passion. I believed him when he said his products are not like any others on the market, but why should I care? Curelle is the cleanest body and hair product producer around. We get it. But we aren’t ingesting the product, so what gives if we put it on our bodies?


So, I did some research. Our pores, by definition, are porous and invite in most things we put on it– harmful or beneficial. Products we put on our skin are READILY absorbed into our bloodstream. Triclosan, common in personal care products, is similar to the pesticide Agent Orange– causing decreased fertility, birth defects, and damage organs. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, commonly found in shampoos and liquid soap, is linked to skin irritation, cell damage, and possibly mutations and cancer. The third most common and dangerous chemical found in beauty products are parabens. These chemicals, often found in the forms of methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben, are used as preservatives. Parabens are proven to have hormone-disrupting effects,  have been linked to breast tumors, and cause muscle atrophy*.


Over the decades of legal revisions, chemical crackdowns, and mandatory labelling regulations, Curelle has not had to change their ingredients once. Mr. Curelle claims he was “the first person to talk about hidden ingredients”, and question them entirely. There was a cheeky grin on his face when divulged he has never had to change his ingredients.  He is justifiably proud that they simply never have had to, and never will have to, remove unsafe products. They have no hidden chemicals. Look at the ingredient list—it’s all there.


Spud is proud to offer Curelle unscented shampoos, unscented conditioners, unscented build-up remover, unscented lotion, and unscented body wash. Select items are sold in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. We believe in this company, and believe you should too.
*Awakening Willow

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