Spud Edmonton Team Field Trip to Lactuca Farm

Last week we had the privilege of touring Alberta’s first urban farm: Lactuca!  We love Lactuca because they share our commitment to sustainable food production, and they use the latest technologies along with sustainable agricultural practices to grow fresh high-quality produce.
Nestled right behind Northlands, the cute but exuberant farm is full abundant growth. Vicky, who led our tour, had an excellent sense of humour and was extremely passionate about high quality, diverse and unique agricultural products. She led us through the rows of flourishing greens and let us try a sampling of different delicious heirloom varieties.  (You can buy their arugula and salad mix from Spud!)
 Lactuca Farm
Finally, she showed us their friendly beehive, a beautiful harvest of garlic, and an interesting contraption they use to harvest the lettuce. All in all, we were extremely impressed with the farm. Not only are they pesticide-free, but they also fertilize their crops with organic compost.
We can’t imagine the number of hours and the amount of love that has been poured into this farm since it started in 2012, but from the taste of their produce, you can certainly tell. Vicky had an inspiring message, one that she hopes this farm will teach others: growing your own food is easier than you might think, and between working the land, and harvesting your finished product, a valuable sense of gratitude and connection with your food can emerge! 
To cap off this amazing evening, we ventured to the local pub for beers and karaoke. All in a day’s work! 
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