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This Week’s Top #LetsNotWaste Food Posts

This Week’s Top #LetsNotWaste Food Posts

Made my own raw butter today. To avoid food waste I saved the remaining buttermilk to use in baking or smoothies. #letsnotwaste




Instead of throwing out the juice and fruit that we can’t quite finish – we make Popsicles! Pomegranate Berry | Coconut Water | Grapefruit Raspberry Mint @spuddelivers #letsnotwaste




Care for a bite? Cookie Time around the @julesfuelyum kitchen. Just mix some of your premade #julesFuel with mashed banana, cinnamon and buckwheat groats. Then add some oats for a less mushy consistency. Bake at 350 for half hour. A Completely nutritious and #guiltfree quick breakfast or snack. #cookiemonster #letsnotwaste




Reducing waste in 2016 by making Indian style mixed veggie pickles of all my too-far-gone produce. #letsnotwaste





You don’t need much to have a good lunch. Roasted sweet potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, steamed carrots, balsamic glaze and of course, my fave, @spreadem_kitchen cashew & jalapeño dip. Used all the veggies in my crisper. #letsnotwaste




Winning combo! Fried (organically-raised, free-range) egg on arugula, leftover olive tapenade and toast, with a side of avocado on toast seasoned with chili flakes and sea salt! I had a terrible sleep last night so I had a do-over and pretended my noon workout was an AM workout and had second breakfast with coffee for post-workout fuel. Now, it’s time to get down to MONDAY BUSINESS!! #letsnotwaste #spudambassador #secondbreakfast





One of my favourite things about my @spuddelivers produce box is that it inspires the dishes I create. Last nights’ meal: vegan apple pie, citrus caramelized yams by @ottolenghi, heirloom tomato cous cous by @mynewroots and a beautiful salad by @lyndsaymware. We used everything in my crisper and gave the cut off greens to my two bunnies. But the best way to #letsnotwaste was to invite friends over to eat every last bite. #plantbased #vegansofig #spud #clean2016 #wasteless





Yesterday’s chicken bones and the not so pretty veggies make today’s stock and I use the broccoli stems and leaves for Shreck soup (leek potato greens soup) liked by almost all my kids#letsnotwaste





To avoid tossing an over ripe tomato and create food waste, I sun dried it in my dehydrator. #letsnotwaste




Leftover rice, beans and cabbage? Put an egg on it! (Look for organically-raised, free-range eggs at your local grocer.) With a side of salsa. Delish!! If I had an avocado it would’ve been even better. #breakfast #recipes #spudambassador #letsnotwaste






Got too many lemons? Don’t let them go to waste. Squeeze and freeze them into cubes. Then you’ll have fresh lemon juice ready to go. #letsnotwaste 2016






Turning this bruised apple into some yummy apple crisp!




Getting ready to make bone broth out of our turkey bones.



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