Spud’s CFO/COO is one of Progressive Grocer’s 2019 Top Women in Grocery

Adrienne Uy
CFO and COO, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (Spud.ca)

  • Uy demonstrated strong leadership at Spud, a Canadian grocer with brick-and-click operations; under her watch, the company piloted Be Fresh Marketplace and Food-X Urban Delivery, and one of its biggest wins was signing a five-year deal with Walmart Canada.
  • She worked with Spud’s sustainability team to maintain and improve its B Corporation certification; the company also won a national award at the National Zero Waste Conference.
  • Uy is on the board of directors for the Canada Health Food Association, the country’s largest trade association dedicated to natural and organic products.

Adrienne Uy


Source: Progressive Grocer

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