Spud Wins Alberta’s Emerald Award for Large Businesses

Spud.ca is an online grocery delivery service with a focus on local and organic food. Since opening in Calgary in 2005 and Edmonton in 2014, Spud has been committed to providing simple access to real, healthy, local food in communities across the province. Spud brings positive change to people’s lives by supporting sustainable food systems that cultivate healthy communities, caring for the earth’s natural harvest, and reducing our impact on the environment. Spud’s mission statement to “change the world, one bite at a time” guides every decision the company makes.

Spud.ca is an environmental champion at every stage of business, from farm to fork. From our commitment to reduce single-use packaging, to efficient delivery routes to keep emissions as low as possible, Spud is striving to be Canada’s most sustainable grocery company. One of our biggest achievements is our low food waste. At less than 0.5% food waste, we are Canada’s lowest waste grocery company. Our dedication to the environment and our local communities is pushing us to become Canada’s most sustainable grocery store.

Source: Alberta Emerald Foundation

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