Rescuing Surplus Food with Food Stash Foundation

Spud & Food Stash Foundation: 

Food Stash works to save perfectly good food from being composted or going to landfills. Instead, they re-distribute it to their partners, by adding rescued food to their food boxes. They distribute the food boxes through their rescued food market and community fridge. We have been working with Food Stash throughout the year to rescue food from our warehouse and re-distribute it to their partners to help those facing food insecurity. Spud created DIY Banana Smoothie Recipe and the DIY Rescued Apple Pie, to save imperfect bananas and apples from going to landfills. Through these efforts, we were able to raise $1400 to donate to the Food Stash Foundation. Further, we donated over $15,000 in surplus food through Food Stash the most amazing organization supporting food insecurity in Vancouver.

Spud worked with Food Stash Foundation’s director Carla Pelligrini to compare shopping at Spud to a traditional grocery store.

We loved seeing all your rescued fruit creations! Find a few of our favourites below:

rescued apple pie

Credit: Rebecca Coleman, thegeneraljen, matchabella

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