Bonjour Boulangerie

The Bonjour Boulangerie

Boulangerie BONJOUR breads are made using centuries old European bread making traditions. BONJOUR specializes in ‘pain au levain’ (French for sourdough) which is made using wild yeast culture (levain).‘Pain au levain’ has a unique appearance, flavour and aroma that is distinctive and irresistible. Like wild fruit, these breads offer a concentrated flavour and character.

Their Philosophy is simple, reduce food mileage, encourage local farming, make food which gives life while respecting our planet, be honest with our customers.

They make their whole grains breads using the following principles; Use local Alberta wheat, for its great taste and quality; Use organic grains, wheat and rye, milled on location; Bake fresh daily with levain culture, with long and slow fermentation; Use no additives and no preservatives.

Artisan bread making is best described by thinking about the person who makes the bread. Artisan bakers are craftsmen who bake crafted loaf of bread. The baker understands the ingredients and knows how to provide the best environment for the dough to develop.

Time is the essence of artisan bread baking. The dough is allowed to ferment from several hours to one or two days in some instances. The bread is baked on the hearth of the oven (stone floor) to create crusty delicious loaves.

Bonjour Boulangerie is 5.1 kilometers from the Spud Edmonton warehouse.

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