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Birthday: January 25

Dietary Restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, celiac, gluten-intolerant, unprocessed, sustainably-caught only, etc.): Mindful Eater — no dogmas here! However… I do strive to have whole foods, sustainably caught fish, and grass fed meat in my diet.

What’s your favourite indulgence? Tiramisu! My husband and I did a cooking class in Italy where we made tiramisu with stunning Italian coffee, fresh made ladyfingers. The perfect balance of bold flavours of cocoa and espresso, savoury mascarpone cheese, wine. Simple ingredients. Serious taste memories. Takes me right back to that honeymoon swooooon (on a spoon!).

What are the top five items you look for when you grocery shop? Just 5?! Well, as a mama to 2 tots who LOVE food as much as I do and wifey to a gym owner, n’er be the day there are only 5 tops on our family grocery list! I go for ingredients to support brain health and gut health for my troop, but also to satisfy the eyes and taste buds! Faves include avocados (yay healthy fat!), kraut (yay probiotics!), bananas (yay prebiotics for the probiotics to feed on!), salmon (oh-mega healthy fats, especially for developing brains), nut butter (I’m a runner who runs on A LOT of plant based fuel like nuts!)

What are some of your staple snacks/meals? Buddha Bowls/Jars! As an active mama, I depend on weekly meal prep. You will always find a variety of roasted veggies, spiralled veggies, shaved veggies in my fridge, greens (I alternate regularly to get all the phytonutrients I can — current Spud order has dino kale coming in!) as well as grains (current favourite I blend rice, turmeric, coconut oil), legumes (peas, beans, lentils), 1-2 types of kraut, sprinkled with a variety of nuts and seeds, dressed with 1 homemade salad dressing to last the week (like my green goddess dressing:

Who is in your household that you buy groceries for? (e.g. Just me! Or, spouse, kids, cat/dog, etc.) We have 4 food lovers in this house! Myself (business owner, psychologist, yoga teacher, meditation guide, competitive runner), my husband (gym owner, personal trainer, competitive obstacle course and ultra racer) and 2 toddlers. We are VERY active between gymnastics, dance, running, yoga, weight lifting, snowboarding, skateboarding, so we require A LOT of fuel, and prefer it from the most sustainable sources as Spud provides!

What other causes/events do you support?

Grow Calgary, Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, REAP, Little Hippies Yoga Foundation.

Is there anything else that you think is important for us to know? Fun fact?!

I’ve recently completed my second level of wine and spirits training. Because travel, food tours, cooking classes, nights exploring cellars with friends and motherhood have enhanced my love of the fermented grape juice, so I was thirsty to learn more and share more at local food events I host!

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