Secret Santa gift exchanges are great. They allow people to carry on the tradition of holiday gifting without having to break the bank, or generate a ton of extra waste. On the other hand, depending on the way your Secret Santa works, you could end up having to buy a gift for someone you don’t know that well, or maybe even without knowing who will receive it in the end. Yes, it can be intimidating, but don’t despair! We’ve rounded up some of our top Secret Santa picks from to help you out.

1. Posh candles are a no-brainer for this, but be careful when it comes to scents. Pick something fresh and natural smelling, like this Woodlot Coconut Wax Candle in Recharge. The fragrance is an energizing blend of mint and rosemary, perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. Woodlot candles are made locally in Vancouver, and come in a glass jar in a cute little bag, making them seem a bit more special than the standard vanilla pillar candle you can pick up at the drugstore.

2.Winter weather is hard on the skin, especially the hands and feet, so anyone would appreciate a luxurious moisturizing lotion. Gardener’s Dream Cream is a cult favourite, with customers using it not only to soothe dry and cracked skin, but also to ease aches and pains, sinus issues, and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, acne flare-ups, and bug bites. It can even be used on pets!

3. Plants have such a positive effect on any space, and the benefits go beyond the aesthetic value. They can also help increase oxygen flow, help remove indoor air pollution, and can even increase your creativity! No worries if the recipient doesn’t have a green thumb, some cute succulents from Full Bloom Flowers in East Van are a good low maintenance option for anyone.

4. One of the most important things about a gift is the presentation, so something that already has super sweet packaging, like Happy Spritz’s line of aromatherapy spritzes, is a slam dunk. These blends come in a variety of scents, for everything from waking up to falling asleep to being a woodsy lumberjack. I don’t know about you, but that pretty much has my whole day covered. Even better, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue.

5. Laundry isn’t fun or exciting (usually) but it does have to be done. It does not, however, have to be full of toxic chemicals and artificial scents. Gift your Secret Santa these cute little ULAT Dryer balls (with an essential oil if you know their scent preferences) and decrease their drying time by up to 50%, saving time and energy. They also help eliminate static electricity and wrinkles, and are safe for people with allergies and sensitive skin. AND they are perfect for juggling!

6. Of course, if you’re really unsure, you can always go with a sure thing: a Spud gift certificate! 

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