Diaries: Julia Murray’s Juice Cleanse [Day 3]

Julia Murray is a born and raised Whistlerite, 2010 Ski Cross Olympian, World Champion silver medallist, Jules Fuel breakfast creator, Ski With An Olympian guide, Spud ambassador and is studying to become a holistic nutritionist. She’s a foodie and loves everything to do with being outside. 

We got her to try The Juice Box’s new juice cleanse, and here’s her Day 3 recap. 


[ Day 3 ]

I can’t wait for Jules Fuel in the morning!

Juice cleanse, it’s been a slice. I’m feeling high-spirited, lighter, and refreshed.

Day 3 was different in a few ways.

  • I didn’t wake up starving.
  • The bathroom breaks were… productive
  • I could think more clearly.

Today I had a booking with some clients on Whistler for the Ski With An Olympian program. I brought my juices and it went well. All though, I did go for a little jog with my dog after and felt pretty light headed. I would recommend to people about to cleanse- this is a good excuse to CHILL out. Get some office work done, do some light yoga, that sort of thing. I didn’t necessarily take it easy, but next time, especially if I did a longer cleanse, I would make a point to let my body rest and let the cleanse do it’s job.

Great things about this cleanse:

  • Everything else in a healthy lifestyle falls into place while you’re in the cleansing mainframe. Not only are you on a health kick from the cleanse on it’s own, but you’ll notice your days are healthier because of the choices you are forced to make. Bedtime is earlier, the time spent eating can be spent doing something else productive, and drinks are out of the question.
  • Weight loss of 3 kg ! This is a lot for me. My trainer during my competitive days used to call me ‘a slow-responder’, so for me to lose 3 kg in 3 days is a rarity.
  • I can say I did a juice cleanse
  • The juices were lip-smackingly delish
  • Spud made the logistics ridiculously easy
  • The challenge was there, but doable and I now feel like I have achieved something
  • I’ve come closer to understanding how my body works
  • Last but not least: the first solid food of Jules Fuel for Breakfast is going to be absolutely ‘to die for’ tomorrow! Right Erin?


Thanks for the experience Spud and The Juice Box.


If you want to start your cleanse and make your first order through Spud.ca, you can get $20 off just by using Julia’s Promo code: CRVAN-MURJUB


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