What makes Brew Dr Kombucha so sustainable?

We believe in having as little impact on our natural environment as possible. Here are our current sustainability practices:

  • Supporting ECO:  We support Ecology in Classrooms and Outdoors (ECO), an Oregon non-profit organization that provides hands-on science enrichment programs to elementary schools. Learn more at ecologyoutdoors.org.


  • Fueled by Biofuel:  We power our delivery fleet with fuel made locally and sustainably by SeQuential Biofuels. Learn more at SQbiofuels.com.


  • Renewable energy:  We use renewable power from PG&E and Pacific Power at our teahouses and kombucha brewery.


  • Responsible waste disposal:  We compost all compostable byproducts including tea leaves, SCOBYs and paper towels in our teahouses and Brew Dr. Kombucha brewery. We’re diligent about recycling everything that can be recycled.


  • Toxic Prevention:  We utilize non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.


Brew Dr Kombucha has been craft brewed in Portland, Oregon since early 2009. They use only Townshend’s high-quality organic teas, organic medicinal herbs, and organic sugar; they are committed to making the best possible raw kombucha available; and they work hard to remain sustainable. Their kombucha is available on our website.

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