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We all know Thanksgiving as a time of year to stop and really appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives. It’s a time to take stock and give thanks for all the people and things that bring us happiness  We also know it as a time of year when we get to eat an amazing feast, surrounded by love, laughter, and tasty foods. Thanksgiving dinner has to be one of the most anticipated meals of the year, and a large part of that is thanks to one group of people: farmers. The fact that Thanksgiving happens in October is no coincidence.  The holiday began as a harvest celebration.

This year, when thinking about what we’re grateful for, we thought we would bring it back to Thanksgiving’s roots. At SPUD, we’re truly grateful for many things – our awesome customers, our hardworking coworkers, our adorable office dogs – but at the heart of it, nothing we do would be possible without local farmers.

  • Farmers like Ting Wu, whose family has run Formosa Blueberry Farm in British Columbia for generations, and who is raising the next generation of blueberry farmers.
  • Farmers like Ray and Nancy Nolan, two professional chefs who decided to change careers and start Lambtastic Lamb Farm in Southern Alberta.
  • Farmers like brothers Dennis, Frank, and Michael O’Brien, who bought a flower farm and converted it to organic food to reduce the community’s carbon footprint and increase the supply of fresh locally-grown food.

These are just three examples out of the hundreds of local farmers that keep us running, and keep your fridges and tummies full year-round. Running a small-scale or family farm is a ton of work, and is most often a labour of love. This Thanksgiving, we hope you’ll join us in thanking these farmers for doing what can often be a thankless job. For the month of October, if you put a thank you note in your SPUD bin for pick up, we’ll deliver it to a farmer near you.



Arianna is SPUD's social media and content manager. She loves plants and animals and lives with several of both. Contrary to popular belief, she does NOT hate rice.

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