Supplement Recommendations for Immune Support

During this time of year, we are all trying to stay healthy. We asked our resident holistic nutritionist Sisley Killam her supplement recommendations for immune support to stay healthy throughout cold and flu season.

Oil of oregano:

This one is a great power herb to fight an active cold and flu. Sisley recommends using this one only temporarily, it’s so strong that prolonged use can harm our microbiome!

oil of oregeno immune supporting supplement

Raw camu camu powder:

Camu camu is rich in vitamin C to help support immune health – this one is great in a morning smoothie daily to help prevent seasonal sickness. There is 240 mg of vitamin C in just 1 tsp! That’s the equivalent of eating 3 oranges!

Liposomal Vitamin C

If you’re traveling, sick, or under stress, this is a great booster. Our bodies deplete vitamin C when under stress, these liposomal Vitamin C packs are a great way to be proactive!

immune boosting supplements

Adult probiotic:

Did you know around 70% of our immune system is created and managed in the microbiome? Taking a daily probiotic and eating fibre-rich and probiotic-rich foods can make a big difference in supporting our daily immune system and general gut health.

probioticElderberry syrup:

Elderberry syrup is a great soother and immune support, and can help relieve cold and flu symptoms as well as shorten the duration of your illness!

Vitamin D3:

A non-negotiable for us Canadians! Did you know we cannot get adequate levels of vitamin D even throughout the summer months? Low levels of vitamin D can dramatically impact our immune health. Check your levels regularly – it is recommended to take at least 1000 IU per day, even more in Canadian winter.

benefits of organic grass-fed meat from a hollistic nutritionist


Sisley Killam is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and acne coach based out of Vancouver, Canada. After struggling with acne for years, Sisley now helps women clear their skin naturally with an emphasis on nutrition, mindset, and holistic wellness habits. She is also the founder of The Pure Life, a health and wellness platform for all things clear skin and healthy living. When Sisley’s not helping women achieve their dream skin, you can often find her sipping on a matcha latte on a cafe patio or cold plunging at the local beach!

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