7 Delicious Ways to Add More Protein to Your Meals

As we move into the new year, we are all trying to eat a little bit healthier. But that does not mean we cannot have delicious food! Instead of cutting back and restricting, these are great tips on adding more protein into your cooking to keep you full and satiated, while still being delicious. Try these protein packed recipes for yourself!

1. Whipped Egg White Oatmeal

Folding in egg whites to your oatmeal can add up to 19g of protein! The egg whites will double in size, making the oatmeal fluffy and delicious. Add 1/3 cup egg whites to 1/2 cup of oatmeal and cook according to the package instructions (yes, it can even be done in the microwave)!

Add your favourite toppings! Try adding peanut butter, hemp seeds, or flax to bump up the protein even more!

2. Swap Heavy Cream for Silken Tofu

Make a rich and luxurious-tasting pasta with silken tofu instead of heavy cream to add an extra 27g of protein to the recipe! Fry the onion, garlic, and tomatoes as you would a traditional creamy tomato pasta, instead of adding heavy cream, add the sauce to a blender with the tofu (recipe linked above)!

protein pasta with silken tofu

3. Blend in Beans to Creamy Soups

Blend 1/2 cup – 1 cup of cooked red lentils or white beans into your favourite creamy soups! This works well with soup you have to blend anyways such as butternut squash, creamy tomato, broccoli cheddar soup, or mushroom soup.

butternut squash red lentil soup

4. Try Legume Pasta

Swapping traditional pasta for legume pasta is an easy way to turn your favourite pasta dish into a high protein recipe! Did you know 1 serving of chickpea pasta has 27g of protein?

5. Protein-milk Cereal

Mix in 1 scoop of protein powder to your cereal milk for a high protein breakfast to keep you full all morning long!

high protein cereal recipe

6. Greek Yogurt Pancakes

This high protein pancake recipe is made with oat flour, bananas, yogurt, and egg whites and has 27g of protein making them a delicious and wholesome way to start your morning. Cook a large batch and save them in the fridge or freezer for busy mornings.

greek yogurt protein pancakes

7. Peanut Butter Banana Brownies

These healthier brownies are loaded with protein and healthy fats making them a delicious afternoon treat, without the mid-afternoon slump!

high protein brownies

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